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This is the homepage for users interested in LUSS data archives.

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  1. An archive query tool is available as below, please read the instructions before using.
  2. If you find the datasets broken or have other problems, please report the fact to yedawei [at]
  3. Please ensure you have read the guide if you are new to this service.

Query tool

Please enter a target/position and/or time. Position can be input either as a SIMBAD resolvable format or a  positions in sexigesimal format in J2000. Valid examples like follow:

Sirius 123.45,+12.34
M31 12 34.56,+12 34.5
MCG+02-60-010 12 34 56.7,+12 34 56

Time should be input as ISO-8601 format, e.g. "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS".

Target / Position (J2000)
Time (UT) +/-

Note it will take some minutes for you to get the result, please be patient.

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